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Nettles Insurance works with veterans and their families to retain life insurance coverage once they leave the service. 

Here at Nettles Insurance, we provide free consultations to help people just like you achieve financial freedom using life insurance.

We’re not just a broker, we’re your partner for life. We are committed to your success and financial independence.

For small businesses we can work with you, your financial advisor, and tax advisor to establish a strong succession plan or help you set up key person insurance. 

We specialize in insurance products for you, your family, and your business. We offer a wide-variety of plans and products from top insurance companies.

You earned the right to convert your SGLI, VGLI, and FSGLI, let us help you lock in your coverage. 

No Medical Exam. Guaranteed Approval!

About the services we provide

Infinite Banking education

Infinite Banking

A financial strategy, which uses a properly designed whole life insurance policy to control your cash flow and grow your wealth. 

Insurance for diplomats and military families

Traditional Whole Life and Term Life Insurance Products

Your needs are unique, so let us help you choose the right product to fit your budget. 

SGLI and FSGLI Conversion expert to help Military family maintain coverage

SGLI and FSGLI Conversion

Our team works with Guardian Life and MassMutual, two top-rated insurance carriers for SGLI and FSGLI conversions. 

No medical exam. Guaranteed Approval!

VGLI Conversion assistant for veterans

VGLI Conversion

We can also help convert your VGLI coverage to a permanent policy. 

No medical exam. Guaranteed Approval!

Mortgage Protection for Military and Diplomatic families

Mortgage Protection

Mortgage protection guarantees a lump sum payout to your family in the event of your death. Coverage starts at $25 per month. 

No medical exam. Instant Approval!

Buy sell Agreement and Key Person to protect your small business

Buy-Sell Agreements & Key Person

Building a successful business is hard work, we can help you protect your investment through funding a succession plan or set up a key person life insurance policy. 

Let Nettles Insurance help protect what matters most.

Message us! We can help you reach your goals! 

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Infinite Banking for Small Business

Infinite Banking for Small Business

Infinite Banking for small business is the same as it is for individuals with one minor difference. Depending on who is the named beneficiary i.e., a person or the business, the proceed from the death benefit may be taxed as ordinary income in the year it is received.

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