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Yushuwa Nettles of Nettles Insurance. Insurance Professional for Military Families and Diplomats

Yushuwa Nettles


Mr. Yushuwa Nettles is a Marine Corps veteran, a former U.S. diplomat, and a real estate investor turned insurance agent. He is the founder and CEO of two businesses and holds an MBA and a Master in Human Resource Management.

Mr. Nettles’ passion for insurance began when he started building his real estate company, as he realized that well-structured Whole life insurance policies could be used as collateral for business loans. This strategy was essential to building a business from the ground up.  As Mr. Nettles’ first business grew, so too did his interest in leveraging insurance to safeguard his investments and family’s future.

In the words of Robert Kiyosaki: “If you want to be wealthy, don’t chase capital gains, chase cash flow”.